Coming to Le Ngan Laundry Service, we provide our customers with 3 main services:

  • Drying Service, Whether
  • Store Service
  • Additional Service

1.Drying Service, Whether

Dry cleaning is a method of “not using water” but using a solvent, laundry is put into the machine, the equipment will automatically provide solvent, chemicals and conduct washing as conventional washing machine.

Dry cleaning provides the perfect fabric, helping to keep clothes in good shape.

2. Store Service

You will be overshadowed by anxiety over too much clothing, again expensive items. Summer maintenance winter clothes – winter maintenance furniture.
With the weather in Vung Tau, unstable moisture will make your clothes easily moldy. Le Ngan Laundry Vung Tau will bring the best solution of reasonable and reasonable preservation services to bring peace of mind to you.

3. Additional Service

Clothing over time will gradually age with each wear, every wash. Weather, sunshine, water, and laundry chemicals will gradually turn yellow, tarnish, and even mold on mid-summer break.
If you do not want to put down your shirt or pants, bring it to Le Ngan Laundry Vung Tau – we will consider the new comprehensive cleaning method for your shirt, your pants at a reasonable cost.

In addition, you only need to send laundry, shut off, button, … to Le Ngan Laundry Vung Tau we worry.


  4. Laundry service Backpack

Step 1. Soak the balm in the soap solution for 30 minutes before washing.
Soak in water and detergent solution for about 30 minutes to remove dirt, smudges, soft cloths … before washing. The cleaning solution depends on the material to ensure the product is not corroded or faded.

Step 2. Clean stain, rinse with clean water several times.
For long-term stains, Laundry Service – Le Ngan Laundry Service Vung Tau we rub with a soft brush, avoid combing into the large mesh fabric to not tear. Do not use hard brush to avoid scratches on the back of the bag. After rubbing, balo, bag is flushed through the water several times. Can be soaked with fabric softener to avoid soap in the balo, causing unpleasant smell when used (if you have).

Step 3. Dry the balo
Exhale the back slope, open all the zipper to drain completely. Outdoor sun shade or light sun, not exposed to the sun in the sun. The long exposure to sun will cause the balo to be discolored and crispy fibers, affecting the product life.


  5. Shoe-cleaning Service

Exterior Cleaning
Use professional cleaning shampoo to clean all dirt on the surface and shoe soles.

Absorb the smell inside
Put shoes on the shoe sterilizer, helping to eliminate the smell and bacteria inside the shoe.

Spray Waterproof and anti-stain solution. High quality cleaning shoes for all types of materials and colors.


With our dedicated and professional staff, we always check directly to maintain quality standards and seek continuous improvements. Drying Service – Le Ngan Laundry Vung Tau always guarantees the quality of laundry, punctual delivery And reliable service for all kinds of uniforms and customer needs.


Address: 176/3 Truong Cong Đinh Street, Ward 3, Vung Tau City.
Phone: 0938.347.449 – 0254.525775


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